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Thread: I've come to join in the fun.

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    Default I've come to join in the fun.

    Audrey is one today. I thought for so long that we would be lucky to make it to a year, and never expected to last for long past that. But here we are with no end in sight.

    I must confess that for a long while I fell into the category of people who thought it strange to nurse for too long after a year. Not that there was a specific cut off age or anything... People always say stuff like "that's too old" or something and I thought that too. But when it is your baby, you realize that maybe it is not so old. Not at all....

    Anyway, to be honest, I still have some mixed emotions about being an EBFer (no flames please) but today we went to the pedi who said I definitely shouldn't be in a hurry to wean, and that Audrey especially would benefit from two years of breastfeeding (with her allergies, slow weight gain, etc). And I was so relieved to hear her say that.

    I guess at the end of the day I don't believe in MLW or CLW either one. I guess I just expect that we will get there in a mutual way. I feel so attached and in tune to her needs that I suspect I will know when the time is right. But that little encouragement was all I needed to be like "Yeah I am still breastfeeding and I feel great about it."

    So thanks for listening to me ramble....

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    Feel free to ask me about my successful HBAC , food allergies, cloth diapers, and the joy of having a high-needs, non-sleeping little dear who has grown into a wonderful preschooler.

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    Oh FFS!

    Default Re: I've come to join in the fun.

    Very well put Misty!! I feel the same way about getting there mutually. Congrats on making it this far and Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

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    Default Re: I've come to join in the fun.

    Way to go!! Happy Birthday, Audrey!
    I'm so glad your pedi was supportive. I think many of us find our ideas about breastfeeding and parenting in general to evolve as time goes on. I thought I was going to wean DD by one year for a while too.


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    Default Re: I've come to join in the fun.

    Happy Birthday Audrey!!

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    Default Re: I've come to join in the fun.

    Happy Birthday Audrey!!!!!!
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    Default Re: I've come to join in the fun.

    Congrats Misty! That is awesome! Maybe I need to get the name of your Ped. Ours is not very BF friendly.

    I hope Audrey had a great birthday!

    Loving my Beautiful High Needs Baby Girl born 12/28/06

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