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Thread: flaxseeds and lipase problem

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    Default flaxseeds and lipase problem

    After making use of the fantastic thread on lipase problems, and realizing that I would be throwing out all my pumped breastmilk while at work or traveling, I discovered that the lipase problem completely goes away when I stop putting a tablespoon of flaxseeds on my cereal in the morning.

    Does anyone else have a similar experience? Given that lipase breaks down fatty acids, and a lot of us are taking flaxseeds to increase our omega-3 fatty acids in our breastmilk, I wonder if I'm not the only one running into this problem.

    I will note that I'm still eating walnuts and fish and these don't seem to affect lipase levels.

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    Default Re: flaxseeds and lipase problem

    I have the Lipase problem, but they say that there is not any nutrition reason for it...I beg to differ even though I don't know what it would be...I just noticed that my milk was rancid to metal to soapy and then sometimes it is fine...not sure why, but I am sure that there is an explanation we just don't know what it it...
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    Default Re: flaxseeds and lipase problem

    I am new here and this past long thread on lipase is an incredible revelation to me: http://forums.lalecheleague.org/show...p?t=297&page=8
    I am having another baby in October and I am very hopeful that I will be able to freeze milk with a little less hassle, yippee!

    And now this post...I used to put flaxseed in my cereal every morning. When I start pumping again, I will see if the absence of flax in my diet helps.

    Also, I feel validated seeing all these posts on lipase. When I first suspected that this was my problem, a mom in a working moms yahoo forum that I post to told me that it probably wasn't lipase imbalance because it is so extremely rare. My problem was probably from pump parts that weren't clean and/or the handling the milk wrong or wrong containers, etc. Anyway, I know it was lipase because I tried everything and the only thing that made my milk freezable was scalding.

    It seems like there are so many women with this issue. I wonder what the real percentage of women is who actually have this problem. I would love to see a study on it. I have been warning a couple of women I work with to test freeze some milk while they are on maternity leave.


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