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Thread: will my baby like bottle more than me?

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    Default will my baby like bottle more than me?

    On Fri. my dd will be 8 weeks old.

    She has been ebf but never seemed to like to comfort nurse or hang around on the breast. She eats and is done with me- and if I want her to eat more bec. I feel like I'm not empty- she yells and screams at me that she clearly is finished!

    She is snuggly and cuddly, but not one for chillin' out on the boob.

    I have to go back to work in Sept. I know I need to introduce a bottle. I am scared she will enjoy the bottle more than me and not want to go back to bf. Am I being ridiculous??

    She will probably have 3 bottles while I am at work- I will pump to keep up my supply and nurse when I get home and on weekends.

    Any advice??

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    Default Re: will my baby like bottle more than me?

    Every baby is different. With mine, there were days that I would come home from work and my DH would be giving her a bottle. All the sudden she would refuse the bottle after she saw me come in and I would have to bf her. She would take the bottle fine when I was not around, but if I am there she has to have it directly from the source! But, bottles are faster and easier for babies, so some babies do get a preference for bottles. I would just start out slow on giving the bottles. Most babies adjust going back and forth between the breast and bottle. Good Luck!
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