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Thread: Frozen Breast Milk Questions!

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    I have several bags of breast milk frozen - but have not had an occasion to need to use it. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to thaw it and take it with me on an outting tomorrow. I'll be gone several hours - so I'm not sure how I need to thaw it, store it to travel, and then prepare it for a feeding. Please help!!!

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    My best suggestion is to leave it frozen. Carry it in a thermal (or similar) bag to keep it cold. When baby is hungry, it can be warmed under warm, running water in just a few minutes.

    You might find it helpful to know that many mothers find it's easy to feed baby directly from the breast, even when on the go! If you look at our nursing in public section, I'm sure you'll find lots of ideas about feeding descreetly and making nursing in public situations easier and more comfortable.

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    I agree with pp... And I would keep it in a Ziploc bag in case it happens to leak or break inside cooler. And for nursing in public, I have successfully used a baby blanket, shawl, and "bebe au lait" cover. I'm a teacher, and don't want to risk any students seeing boob if they happen to be out where I am!
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    Just keep in mind, you're not really supposed to store previously frozen milk anywhere other than the refrigerator--I would definitely make sure to use it within 3 hours of being stored in a cooler.

    My best advice, pump a bottle before you go-fresh milk is best for bringing on an outing-you don't have to worry about it going bad for up to 10 hours in a cooler. Save the frozen stuff for when you leave your baby in someone else's care, so the milk can safely thaw in the refrigerator.

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