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    We've just left the military health care system and I'm looking for a new pediatrician in our civilian insurance group. I've called several docs and set up meetings, but what should I ask them. I'm still BFing my 17 mo DD and we're going to have another, so I definitely want a BF friendly doc.
    So, I just need some advice on questions to ask that might help me make the right decision.
    We've been in the military for so long, I forgot what if feels like to actually choose instead of just being "assigned"

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    My favorite answers from a doctor are: "I don't know. Let me go look that up." and "I don't recommend it, but it's perfectly fine if you do." I like docs that stick to medicine and leave the cultural choices up to the parent. How you feel that out in the beginning is tricky. I guess you could try asking a medical question and a parenting question and see if there is any difference in the tone of the answer. With my last ped, parenting questions were answered in a mother-to-mother kind of tone (like, "what's worked for you so far?"), while her medical answers were more academic and serious. Actually my current ped is like that too; she is very light on parenting advice and mostly just reassures me. I also like that she is very respectful of my daughter. She talks to her more than me and asks before she touches her or looks anywhere private. So perhaps taking the kids with you to meet them. But you really find out a lot more after you've become their patient, so I'd ask other parents what docs they are happy with and why.

    Oh another thing. I chose my first ped partly because I knew she had studied under Dr. Brazelton and for the most part I liked his book Touchpoints. She told me she didn't agree with him all the time, but she seemed to have a lot of respect for him. Which is how I felt too. So maybe you could ask what kind of books the doc recommends. This may tell you a bit about their philosophy. Of course the first book a ped will probably give you is the aap book, which comes with a pack of formula (my ped threw out the formula in front of me and handed me the book).. so ask for a couple of book titles.

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