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Thread: DS hates to breastfeed, pumping exclusively

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    Default DS hates to breastfeed, pumping exclusively

    I have a three month old son who absolutely refuses to nurse. He can be happy/tired/sleeping, etc. and when I put him to the breast he gets so angry it is hard to calm him down. He nursed okay, but not great, until I had to return to work at six weeks and had to give him bottles. I talked with my lc about this and she said to use Playtex Nursers and hold it horizontally so he has to work just as hard at the bottle as at the breast. So we do this, and he does fine with the bottle. But still, at the breast he screams. I have also tried giving him time with the breast without nursing and he is fine with that.

    I have stopped trying to breastfeed as I was still trying several times a day, but it got to the point where he gets so upset it is hard for him to get over it. I have been pumping exclusively since I went back to work and so far have been getting enough milk for him. He sometimes needs a formula bottle once or twice a week, but not every week. I feel so guilty whenever I need to give him a formula bottle.

    I have never been able to pump enough to freeze, whatever I pump he gets the same day. right now he is taking about four to five oz. about 28-32 oz a day. I'm just worried that when he starts taking more than that we'll have to resort to giving him more formula bottles.

    I'm pumping about six times a day. I'm not allowed to pump at work, so unfortunately I have to go a five hour stretch every day without pumping. Also, do you think I should be getting up during the night to pump? He has been sleeping through the night for two weeks and I have not been getting up to pump. Should I start trying to make him breastfeed or should I just bottle feed since that is what he is happy with? I wanted to try to breastfeed until he was close to a year, but right now am just trying to make it to six months as pumping seems like such a hassle.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Default Re: DS hates to breastfeed, pumping exclusively

    Hi Carrie,
    I'm in pretty much the same situation as you--my dd never took to the breast well, but is happy with the bottle. She's 8 weeks now; I've been trying to bf her 1-2 times a day along with the pumping, but it doesn't seem to go well. Better at night, though, when she's sleepy. I'm probably going to call a lactation specialist soon as I really would like to bf her more when I can.

    That said, pumping is so much easier than bf for me. Each time I pump, it's enough for 2 feedings, so it cuts down on the work and time (dh feeds her in the evenings). Lately, she has had a growth spurt, so I had to increase my supply. Unfortunately, the best way seems to be to increase the pumpings. Since it sounds like you pump plenty of times during the day, I think you definitely should try pumping at night, at least once. Maybe you can just leave the pump by the bed so you don't even have to get up? You could get a cooler with an ice pack to keep the milk cold... If you do more pumpings, your body should increase supply.
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: DS hates to breastfeed, pumping exclusively

    How are things going, Carrie?

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    Smile Re: DS hates to breastfeed, pumping exclusively

    Just wanted to share my story so that it may help.
    My son didn't nurse for the 6 weeks he was born (he's 6 months now). He nursed about twice a week for the first 6 weeks so I was pumping for the rest of time. I would try nursing him for about 10 minutes then I would have my husband give him the bottle. He would get really upset during that time but eventually he figured out what he was supposed to be doing. He nurses fine how but he gets bottles during the day because I work. I pump when I'm at work. I just hate to hear how people give up on nursing because they think their baby doesn't like to nurse. I think it many cases the baby just doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing. Some babies won't nurse. One of the ladies at my LaLeche League meetings has been pumping the entire 11 months with her son, which we all admire but I wouldn't necessarily give up just yet on trying to get your baby to nurse. Some just take longer than others.

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