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Thread: How Big A Stash Should I Have?

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    Default How Big A Stash Should I Have?

    I am going back to work in a few weeks when DS will be about 3 months and I was wondering how much BM I should have in the freezer. I am planning on pumping during the day (to send with DS the next day to day care) and feeding DS on the breast when I'm home. Right now I have very little in the freezer, about 20 oz. Should I build up a bigger stash? If so, how much does anyone recommend?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    I don't know.....I have about 40 oz or so and I hope to be able to send fresh milk each day for daycare, so not sure when I'll use all that I've frozen...I guess for when he eats cereal. Another person once told me that she was glad to have quite a bit frozen because her supply ran low around 5 months and she was able to use it. I just freeze everything extra just in case. Hope that helps some.

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    When I went back to work, I had a areally small stash, since I had been pretty lax about pumping while on maternity leave. Since heading back to work, I typically pump 2 to 3 times a day. I produce more than enough for teh baby the next day, and typically have a small bag (3-5 ounces) to freeze. I would say your 20 ounces will be ebough for at least 2 days at while you're at work, and then you'll have what you pump too.

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    1st off, my sympathies on having to go back to work soon. I just started 8/1. It was very hard to leave my LO. (I'll admit I was a complete wreck)

    I had the same Q in my post a week or so ago. At that time, I had about 20oz frozen and used almost all of it for day 1 bottles for daycare. My LO eats ~3-4oz per bottle and I made 4/4oz bottles for the day.

    I pumped 2x at work & am fortunate that I can get to daycare over lunch to nurse 1x. After my 1st 3 days, I had stored an addtl 26oz that I'll be able to use toward this week. It's a crazy circle but you'll be fine with the 20oz to start. You still have a few weeks as of your posting. Pump in the AM and before bed after BF. That's when I found I was able to pump/store the most.

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