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Thread: Accidentally warmed milk...still good?

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    Question Accidentally warmed milk...still good?

    I've had a few occasions where I've come home to feed my son over lunch, and my caregiver was already in the process of warming a bottle of fresh milk (usually about 24 hours old) for him (WHY this happens is another issue altogether! ) Is it okay to throw that bottle back in the fridge and use it a few hours later?


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    I have done this before without any problems. But, I do not know if it is recommended or not.
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    I would just leave it out. Aren't they good at room temp for a few hours?

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    From what I recall, freshly expressed milk is ok at room temp for 4 hrs. Heated milk shouldn't be put back in the refrig. If baby's mouth has touched the bottle, it's been contaminated & can't/shouldn't be out more than 1 hr. If heated but not touched, you s/b good for a few hrs. Keep it at room temp. I've done it...we're still fine.

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