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Thread: Eye Medication (steriods) & breastfeeding - wary of taking, need advice

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    Question Eye Medication (steriods) & breastfeeding - wary of taking, need advice

    Yesteday I went to the eye doctor because I was having problems with my vision and she prescibed a medication called prednisolone, which is a steroid. It basically is supposed to help reduce the inflammation in my eye.

    The doctor and the pharmacist both said that it was OK to use during breastfeeding because minimal amounts pass along in the milk, but of course, I am still paranoid. I went online as soon as I got home and read about the medication and one of the websites stated that "Small amounts of this medication do pass into breast milk and may cause growth suppression or a decrease in natural adrenocorticosteroid-hormone production in the nursing infant." Wonderful. So I am so confused as to what to do - I still have not taken the medication and I'm due back to the doctor on Monday. The inflammation in my eye is bad, but not serious, and truthfully, I'd rather have a bad eye than pose any health risk to my child.

    I am going to call the doctor again tomorrow, but just wanted some support and if anyone has had experienced something similar.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Eye Medication (steriods) & breastfeeding - wary of taking, need advice

    well I'd say you were wise in not taking it, as far as I know it's not safe to take anything with steroids, I would see if there is something else you could do or take, hope you feel better soon *hugs*
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    Default Re: Eye Medication (steriods) & breastfeeding - wary of taking, need advice

    Was the info about oral dose or topical dose? Not so much will enter the bloodstream as if taken orally.

    Can you get a hold of a copy of Thomas Hale's Medication in Mother's Milk? Anyone here have it?

    Edited to add:
    Sorry, I was typing w/baby so I had to be brief. I was going to say that I think I did have something similiar in an inhaler for my asthma, but I'm not sure. I think you are wise in holding of until you have more info, but if the book by Thomas Hale says it's ok in a topical dose, than I would go ahead. I know I was paranoid about using a cortizone cream on a stretch mark rash, and researched that a ton, and finally came to the conclusion that topical is a much smaller exposure to you, and thus even smaller amounts in the bloodstream, and smaller yet in breastmilk. But, I would check with Hale.
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    Default Re: Eye Medication (steriods) & breastfeeding - wary of taking, need advice

    I am not sure if there is a difference between you and your DC taking it, but my DS has been on the same medication as you for a week (for his lungs though). He is 5 months old and was taking 3ml twice a day. I am not sure if he would be getting more then that in your milk. If he can take it I would think it would be ok for you to. All it did was make him a little sleepy, and lose his appetite slightly after taking it. HTH!

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