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Thread: Question about pumped milk

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    Default Question about pumped milk

    I need advice!
    I had a doctor's appointment Thursday so I expressed some milk before leaving the house in case I needed it.
    Turns out dd didn't want it so I came home and put the bottle in the fridge. It was in my diaper bag (room temperature) for a couple of hours in total. Then when she got hungry I took it out of the fridge, ran it under hot water to warm it up and tried to give it to her, but she refused the bottle so I ended up giving her the breast and once again putting the bottle in the fridge.

    My question is is it OK to use that milk tomorrow (Saturday) as my husband and I want to go out for the day? Or did the taking it in and out of the fridge plus the 2 hour room temperature thing 'corrupt' the milk? I don't want to give my daughter food poisoning!!
    Sorry if it's a dense question by the way I am a SAHM and I don't pump v often...

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    I don't think you can. It was already chilled and then you warmed it up, plus she took a sip from it. I don't think is very safe to do so especially a day later. I know it hurt to throw the milk away but is the best thing to do? Sorry .

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    Default Re: Question about pumped milk

    I agree with PP. You can't reheat EBM. I read that somewhere too.

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    Well, you can reheat breastmilk, although there is only limited information about the safety of doing so. We do know that fresh or frozen thawed breastmilk is far more flexible than formula.

    In this case, though, I would be wary since the milk has been at varying temperatures several times over.

    This is NOT a LLL resource, but you might find the info helpful:

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