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Thread: 2 teeth and OUCH!

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    Question 2 teeth and OUCH!

    My 13mth old baby has 2 front teeth nearly fully out and it's beginning to really hurt when feeding. I'm left with 2 big red sore indents each time and it feels like a knife when she's at my breast.

    I bf just at bedtime, have tried to change the position so that its less painful, but nothing seems to work so far. Plus she seems to be wanting to suckle/chew for up to 45mins now and I know that I've only a small amount of millk. I had hoped that her wanting to stay longer at my breast would increase my supply, but it hasn't. Before she would feed and fall asleep and it was easy to put her into bed. Now she wants to stay at my breast suckling and it hurts and I'm getting really fed up. I don't want to have to resort to quitting bf'ing altogether just yet.
    I went through 5months of pain initially as my skin is very fragile, and the only way in which I could continue to bf (after trying loads of things) was to take homeopathy (to toughen up the nipple area). I gradually stopped taking homeopathy once I reduced the feeds. Do I have to go back to this?

    She seems to be using breastfeeding as a way to get to sleep too. Is this bad? What will happen when I decide to stop bf'ing?!

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    Smile Re: 2 teeth and OUCH!

    I know how you fill. My 14 month old baby is doing that to me to. want I do is when my baby doues it I just take her off then try to put her on the other said. if that doues not work then give your baby a cup or pacifer it will help at times. I have try the LANSINOH it is for brestfeeding mother. it worked for me maybe it will work if you. just put this on after your done brestfeeding everytime. I hope this work out for you. good luck to you.

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    Default Re: 2 teeth and OUCH!

    I was just asking my LLL leaders about this yesterday at our meeting. My son has his bottom two and I think he's getting more so he's kind of chewing on me and it hurts! sometimes when I can tell he just wants to chew I just give him the paci (only when he's going to sleep) and that works sometimes. My leaders also suggested rubbing his gums with a wet washcloth before a feeding to kind of numb him up a bit. I also put ice cubes in a mesh feeder (you're not supposed to just give them ice because it can be sharp and be a choking hazard) and he loves sucking on that. They also told me to make sure we haven't gotten lazy with the latch, to go back to the "old days" or good positioning, etc. Good lucK!

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