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Thread: how do you clean PIS tubing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandikane57 View Post
    .....Okay, I had mold grow in mine...no idea how, but everytime I pump condensation gets in there...I finally cut the mold part off and reassembled...

    I finally bought 2 sets and every time I pump I switch sets...I also have 2 sets....of ........cant think of word right now....the things that go on breasts...haven't had a problem since
    I get tons of condensation in my tubes too! My lactation consultant suggested that I run the machine with tubes attached (but without breastshield and container) for a few minutes after each pumping session to help dry out the tubes. I've been doing it since I left the hospital (3 1/2 months a ago) and haven't had any problems since! Hope this helps a little!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thecowgirl View Post
    what is let-down mode?
    Yeah...I'd like to know that too!

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    Default Re: how do you clean PIS tubing?

    First, I can't remember where I got the extra tubes and parts, but you can look up Medela parts on the internet and it will pill them up...that is what i did...

    Second, not all medela pis have the letdown mode...mine doesn't
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