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Thread: baby falls asleep at the breast & stops sucking

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    Default Re: baby falls asleep at the breast & stops sucking

    One way that I solved the falling asleep at the breast was to involve my husband. It was great--he got to help in the feeding. I was so busy trying to manipulate the baby and my breast (and deal with a c section cut that hurt) that I couldn't keep him awake. My husband would lift his arm or tickle his cheek. Then the baby wouldn't lose his latch.

    Also, the nursing constantly. My baby did that in the hospital and the lactation consultant said that he might not be getting the hind milk and to be sure that he nursed for 10-12 minutes on each side. When I started doing that, he started going longer between feedings.

    Trust me, it does get easier!!

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    Default Re: baby falls asleep at the breast & stops sucking

    We had the same trouble with our daughter at a young age.

    We were advised as well to strip her down to her diaper, and tickle under her chin or around her ear to wake her up.

    When she was a little bit older we'd have to resort to a block of cheese (still wrapped) to provide coolness to wake her up, I felt mean but it did the trick.

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    By FAR the best thing you can do to keep your baby awake at the breast is breast compressions! Dr. Jack Newman's vidoes (previously linked in this thread) give great visual explanations of how and why compressions work.

    A very close second is skin to skin contact. This means baby is stripped down to his diaper, mom is topless, baby is upright on mother's chest, and a blanket is draped around your shoulders and covering both of you for warmth. STS initiates many of baby's natural reflexes.

    If those alone aren't working (not real likely), then try walking your fingers up and down baby's spine, burping, gently tickling the feet, or even laying baby down and GENTLY bringing him up to a sitting position (called doll eyes technique--remember those baby dolls whose eyes closed when you layed them down, but opened when you sat them up?). It is best NOT to shock the baby with cold cloths or excessive motion. Sometimes this can have the opposite effect causing baby to shut down from overstimulation.

    Remember--gentle techniques FIRST.

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