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Thread: cot vs the big bed

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    Default cot vs the big bed

    Hello again.
    Two nights now i've slept with my 5month old baby by my side in bed. We both fell asleep breastfeeding. It seems she slept longer and more peacefully than when she is in her cot.
    (Or I hope it isn't that both her father and I are so stoned tired that we don't hear her cry - God forbid!!)
    But, what's your experience? Does your LO sleep better next to you?
    Mybe I should make her cot more comfortable.
    BTW, she hates to be swaddled, she kicks and grunts and rolls until the cover is off her. go figure.

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    She might just prefer to sleep with you. Lots of LOs do. Check out co-sleeping. Dr Sears has a lot of good resources.


    It's not uncommon, but a lot of parents seem to treat it as a dirty little secret!

    Do some reading, come back and ask some questions.
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    Default Re: cot vs the big bed

    I think most newborns like to sleep/sleep better close to mom. The question is if it works for you and dh. With my dd I knew that bed sharing was not something we would continue, so we rarely did it so she wouldnt get used to it. The more you do it, the harder it will to be to brake the habbit, which doesnt have to be a bad thing if it works for you.

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    Default Re: cot vs the big bed

    We've had our baby in bed since day one and we sleep great. She's almost 8 months now. I'm home for the summer with her and even her naps are better and longer when we take them together, sort of half asleep I feed her when she's waking up and we keep sleeping. I just love to cuddle her and not waking/ getting up at night. I love it.

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    Default Re: cot vs the big bed

    It depends on your baby. DS always slept in his cot beside our bed then came into bed for his last feed in the morning. At about 7mo he had gone through weeks of terrible sleep..had a cold, teething, growth spurt all straight after each other. At that point I started bringing him into bed at his first night waking...about 2am. He seemed to sleep longer for a week or so..then he started to fuss...he decided that he doesn't like sleeping with us..he settled straight away once in his cot. We are back to our previous sleep patern of cot until 6am.

    Do whatever suits you and your LO...lack of sleep isn't funny..I would go with whatever option gets you the most sleep

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