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Thread: HELP! 10 month old, dwindling supply now NOTHING!

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    Default HELP! 10 month old, dwindling supply now NOTHING!

    I have been successfully bfing for 10 months. When I introduced solids, my son's weight gain slowed down. He had been in 99%ile for both height and weight up until 7/8 months, and while he continues to be in 80%ile for height, he is now down to 50th for weight. Nothing medically to worry about, but I wondered about my milk supply diminishing some back then. Gradually I've noticed that morning supply has seemed good, afternoon and bedtime seemed inadequate. I base this on how long he is on the breast. Also, I teach one night a week, and on those nights when I pump (Medela PIS) during what would be the bedtime feeding, I've only get 1 oz per breast! Six weeks ago, despite expressing my concern over possible low supply, the pediatrician recommended bfing no more than three times a day and focusing on the solids. I think she thinks I'm underestimating how much milk DS is actually receiving. (I estimate 6 oz in a.m. and only 2 or 3 oz in afternoon and again at night). My son started part time daycare this week and I have exhausted the small supply of frozen milk I had established. So I thought I'd add a daily pumping session or two to get a supply built up so I'd be a little "ahead." Well, yesterday at lunchtime, I pumped 1 oz from each breast, but it took me 6 minutes to "let down". Afternoon and bedtime bfing seemed normal. thought I'd try again later last night.....ten minutes of pumping, not one drop. Okay, no big deal. Just work up to it, right? Bfed this am...fine. Tried pumping again at lunchtime for 15 minutes - nothing. Tried again mid-afternoon, let down after 12 minutes, but then didn't pump b/c it was too close to his afternoon bfing, so I stopped. He bfed a little later, seemed okay, kinda short duration. Then, bedtime came around and NOTHING! Besides the difficulty with the bedtime ritual, I'm worried about what I've done! NOt only with bfding supply, but I gotta get some bags for daycare next week. HELP

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    Default Re: HELP! 10 month old, dwindling supply now NOTHING!

    Growth charts are based on formula fed babies. After the fourth month BF babies gain weight more slowly. In regards to your concerns about milk supply, the morning supply is more abundant than the evening one. Sometimes the breast feeling less full or the inability the express much milk, cause unnecessary worries. Don't cut the amount of BF it will only diminish your supply, your ped doesn't sound like she's very knowledgeable about BF. Also it sounds like you're stressing at the time of pumping, that will only have a negative effect on your let down reflex, try to relax as much as possible. If you still have concerns about your supply, you can take some Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, capsules are best, also Alfalfa, they worked for me. When it comes to feed your baby watch his cues, he'll let you know when his hungry, not his ped or anybody else. Good luck!

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    Default Re: HELP! 10 month old, dwindling supply now NOTHING!

    It sounds like the problem is more related to let down than supply. Can you pump at the same time as nursing? Or pump right after you nurse in the morning?

    Check out these links

    See the Encouraging the M.E.R. (milk ejection reflex) or “let down” section:


    If you feel it truely is a supply issue, the best thing to do is add more bfing sessions.

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