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Thread: Squirting blood...I'm FINISHED with pumping

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    Default Squirting blood...I'm FINISHED with pumping

    Yesterday, I tried pumping (I normally get 4 oz now after my 3 sessions) but I started squirting out blood on my right breast! It freaked me out. I turned off my Ameda purely yours and noticed that I had a deep gash under my nipple. I idi not notice this until yesterday. DD has 6 teeth with 2 new ones coming in, one on bottom and the other on top, so over maybe a week this happened?DD will be 1 yr in Aug, so I think this is a sign to STOP! She still wants to nurse in order to go to sleep. I woke up this morning leaking like crazy from my affected breast, I tried to hand express some, but it is still full and I am SCARED to use my pump. and let her nurse off of it.

    Today I only brought the Ameda hand pump (the squeeze one) with one bottle to work.

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    Default Re: Squirting blood...I'm FINISHED with pumping

    so you thinks she bit you and the pump caused the blood?
    heres a link on how to heal it.


    hope its fealing beter soon.

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    Default Re: Squirting blood...I'm FINISHED with pumping

    Ah hon! That would freak me out!

    My DD just hit the one year mark too and I am hanging up the horns! I still nurse her whenever we are together but as far as the pump - our relationship is over!!

    All I can recommend is do it gradually so that it's not a shock to your system. I started reducing my sessions when she turned 11 months. Also, breastmilk on your nipple will help heal the gash and lanolin.


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    Default Re: Squirting blood...I'm FINISHED with pumping

    I started reducing sessions at 9 months. I wasn't making much and DH was giving her similac in addition to whatever I was able to bring home.

    I'm going to try to pump with my hand pump b/c I'm to full on the righty.

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