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Thread: anyone? premie info

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    listen to your doctor. I know it's hard, you want to keep that baby baking as long as you can.
    Do you have any help?

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    I agree with Andrea. My situation was probably different as I was carrying twins, but I was dilated 2cm at 28 weeks and was immediately put in the hospital. After that, I was on bedrest from then til I was 34 weeks. I know it's hard though, I had a 3 year old to take care of.
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    Please rest!!! I was on bed rest the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy and it made a world of difference for me. My elevated blood pressure came down and the protein in my urine disappeared all because I layed down! It's amazing what some rest can do.

    Obviously you want to give your baby the best start possible or else you wouldn't be on this forum. I know it's hard, but listen to the doctor on this one!!! You can do it!!!

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    I delivered baby #2 at 36 weeks. only 1 week preemie, but still scary. preclampsia came on FAST- one week from diagnosis to delivery. he never had to go into NICU, but at 5 days old we were back in the hospital because he couldn't maintain his body temp.

    REST is a must. If you don't do it at home, they will make you do it at the hospital!!
    It is scary to know that you could have a preemie. I knew I would go early since week 30, due to a prematurely aged placenta. the preclampsia was a surprise twist.

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    I've only just read this. How are things going?

    My DS was born at 27 weeks by emergency c-section, we were trying to last until 30 weeks but it wasn't to be. He had a some problems as he was so early, needed help breathing for a good while, had a few infections, a PDA (a vein attached to his heart that needed to be clamped) and, was tube fed but, got through it all and is now a little drooling teething-monster. What I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is that, 35 weeks is really good and your LO shouldn't have half if any of the problems ours did.

    In my case it was pre-eclampsia, I was given shots to help develop Robert's lungs before he was born and was put on bed rest. It was hard even without another child to care for, so I ended up with a tv in the bedroom, books and anything else I could think of to occupy my mind. Perhaps you could move things into your room that would keep your two year old under your watchful eye, maybe set up a toybox in your room, read and play together, anything that keeps your toddler nearby but means you can rest.

    I pumped so Robert could get breast milk partly because I'd intended to BF anyway and partly because it helped to be able to provide him something while he was in hospital. Breast milk is so much easier on a preemie's digestion than formula and is so good for any baby that I've got to say it's well worth doing whether you are able to nurse pump or both.

    Follow your doctors orders and rest as much as you can, I know it's really hard but, every day will be a gift for your unborn baby. Oh and get ready to hear these two phrases repeatedly when your LO arrives...

    "It's one step forward and two steps back with a Preemie." and "Its a rollercoaster ride both emotionally and physically in the first weeks of a preemies life."

    <<wishes she had a penny for every time she heard both of those>>

    And last of all, and good luck. Let us know how it all goes.
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