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Thread: Finally latching, but is he getting enough?

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    Unhappy Finally latching, but is he getting enough?

    My LO is two weeks old today. I had to initially use nipple shields because of nipples that wanted to disappear when he tried to latch. We were able to breast feed very well with them and I know that i got my supply up and running at the beginning. Of course, i have tried to wean him off the shields and to the breast which has worked very well. I felt the shields served their purpose and have completely breast feed him without the shields all day yesterday and today. Today, though, he has been wanting to feed every two hours and sometimes it seems like while he is sucking i don't hear the swallowing. I have checked his latch and all parts are in the right place. Tonight I just finished letting him suck for quite a while and he started getting fussy and pulling at me. Once finished he seemed to be rooting again like he was still hungry! i am not leaking like I was and I honestly can't tell if my breasts are full before or inbetween feedings. I had engorgement when my milk came in last week but that has subsided. Are these things that should still be happening? I'm afraid that now I'm not producing enough. i can still get milk to come out when i check them, but i don't understand why he would still act hungry? He has had wet and dirty diapers all day long. If my production is slowing, when would i notice this in his diapers? I desperately want to continue breastfeeding and want to catch any problems early on!

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    If you are getting 6-8 wet diapers and a poopy diaper a day, he is getting enough milk! He might just like to suck and be close to mom - or he might be growing and needs the extra calories. Remember supply = demand. It may take a day or two of frequent feeding for your supply to catch up to him if he is starting to eat more. The best thing you can do for yourself and for him is to feed him on cue, whenever he is hungry. After your breast have been engorged, when are 'normal' they do feel empty in comparison. But if the output (diapers) is good there is no need to worry. Keep it up! You are doing a great job! Get rest when you can. Those first few weeks are tough!

    *I am still awake because my 4 month old has decided that she is going to eat every 90 minutes tonight! This mama stuff is harder than I thought!!!***

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    From everything I've read, one of the most important signals as to whether baby is getting enough food is if there is enough wet and poopy diapers every day. As long as you have 6-8 (I believe), you are on the right track. Some babies just like to comfort nurse and could stay at the boob all day long (my oldest DS was just like that). Feeding on demand as opposed to a schedule also ensures baby gets enough. Good luck!!

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