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Thread: learning how to crawl

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    Default learning how to crawl

    my 5 month old is learning how to crawl. she's lunging herself forward and around the floor. she doesn't seem to want to nurse as often as before and has started to sleep longer through the night. (although just last week, she was waking up more often at night than usual).

    does learning how to crawl change their nursing behaviors?

    i am just not sure if she's getting enough, and sometimes i'm getting pretty full when she misses feedings again (had oversupply early on).

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    Default Re: learning how to crawl

    Ahhh, I'm jealous. When my son hits his milestones it affects his sleep for the worse, not better! I think the best way to tell if they are getting enough is to watch their diapers. Make sure he is having sufficient wets and dirties, hitting milestones, etc. In our case, DS hit that weight plateau early due to his active nature, so weight gain wasn't a good indictor for us.

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    Default Re: learning how to crawl

    Every motor stage (crawling, walking and now running and climbing) have changed her eating and sleeping habits (more waking, less napping so consider yourself lucky!). There just isn't enough time to eat when you have a new skill to practice and conquer! She's a 'lean' baby so I ignore the scale. I give her the opportunity to eat in case she forgets she's hungry but its up to her to eat. PP is right, pay attention to outputs. Your supply should balance itself.

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    Default Re: learning how to crawl

    Chance is doing the same thing right now...He has been doing the worm thing for 2 months now and just yesterday crawled the right way, although I think he prefers the worm that he does...infact he just now got up...ugh I have been checking on him for the past 2 hours every 10 minutes to make sure nothing is wrong with him...I have to pump every morning now when I get up becuase he has started only eating 2-3 x in the night now...so I guess they are all different, but he is doing the same thing...get ready Chance is in to everything...and I mean everything
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