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Thread: Milk's amount decreasing ???

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    Default Milk's amount decreasing ???

    Dear mommies, I gave birth of my son on July 6 and I've had hard time breastfeeding him ... So I decide to breastpump while my breasts get better. The first time I pumped I got 1.5 oz and my son was 5 days old. Now, he's 10 days old and I just get .5 oz each time I pump ... What does it mean ? I'm very sad because I'm thinking that my milk is finishing ... Any help, please ? Thanks a lot. Paola Pereira.

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    How often are you pumping? If your not nursing you should pump every 2-3 hours to help establish supply. Unfortunately your nipples will probably be sore when you do start nursing again since LO will still have to learn how to nurse properly.

    I would recommend going back to nursing exclusively that is really the only way to get over the painful period. Make sure he is latched on correctly. Remember it should only hurt for the first 30 seconds or so. If it still hurts, break the suction with a finger and re-latch him. Experiment with different positions, football worked best for us in the begining.

    Drink water like its your job and try eating oatmeal one a day, pump for 10-15 minutes after every feeding on the highest suction you can stand. All should help build your supply back up.
    SOme people swear by some natural herbs and the such to help increase supply but I've never tried them so I can't tell you from experience if they work or how to take them.

    It's really hard in the begining but you can do it. You obviously want what is best for you baby and are doing a great job. Keep at it and it'll get easier day by day.

    Congrats on the birth of your son!! I hope your supply comes back, don't be afraid to contact your local leader for some 1-on-1 in person support.

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    Default Re: Milk's amount decreasing ???

    First off, welcome to the forums. I am sure you'll get great help here!

    Secondly, I know you must be worried! Most of us worried about our supply in the early days. You're probably making more milk than you think. Pumping, however, is not a good indicator of how much you're making. The baby will be able to better trigger your let-down reflex (milk ejection reflex) and can also empty your breast much more effectively than a pump. If you're at all able, I would try putting the baby directly to the breast. If you're having some problems with the latch, ask the lactation consultant from the hospital or a LLL leader or an IBCLC to help you correct it. Once you've got it right, it may still be uncomfortable for the first month or so, but it shouldn't be painful.

    During the first few weeks, as you establish your supply, it's important to be able to nurse directly as much as you can. The pump just isn't as likely to establish and maintain your supply.

    The stress you feel about pumping and worrying about your supply can also make it even harder to achieve a good let-down while pumping. If you're unable to nurse directly, try relaxing with a cup of tea (or whatever you enjoy) some privacy and pleasant music, look at a picture of your baby and see if you have better success.

    Sore Nipples
    Latching and Positioning Resources
    I'm not pumping enough milk! What can I do?

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Milk's amount decreasing ???

    Thank you both for the prompt reply. I reaaly apreciated your kind words and I'm happier now. I'm gonna try to put my baby directly to my breast to see if I can stand that. Thanks again. Paola.

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