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Thread: sweaty boobs!

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    Default sweaty boobs!

    So how do you deal with bf in the summer? (or anything else in the summer, for that matter - but this is a bf forum)

    1. I feel like my boobs need to be washed all the time, but it's a real drag to wash my breats before eaxh feeding. Will baby mind salty milk?

    2. This is really hot work! He generates a lot of heat in my arms and on my lap. And the pillow I often use to give my arms and back a break makes it even warmer. By the end, baby and I are a sweaty mess!

    Yuk, I hate summer. God bless whoever invented air conditioning! And God bless even more whoever can get it installed into my house ASAP!

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    Default Re: sweaty boobs!

    good questions! lol
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    There's a nursing position designed just for steamy hot weather, when you need to nurse but can't bear to cuddle.

    It's basically the side-lying position, but with the baby flipped end-to-end -- point baby's feet towards your head.


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