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Thread: peeling nipples

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    Default peeling nipples

    This morning I noticed my right nipple is peeling. Is that normal?

    I'm currently on antibiotics for mastitis on my right breast and diflucan so I won't have a yeast flare up from the antibiotics. My right nipple is really sensitive and tender, probably b/c I constantly offered her that breast to clear my clog and infection. I also had a nipple blister on the same breast that's healing.

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    Default Re: peeling nipples

    You could try rubbing some breastmilk into the nipple. It's great for healing cracked nipples. I hope it gets better for you!!
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    ouch pealing stinks and it hurts...
    heres a good link from kelly moms about healing cracks you can do some of the same things for the pealing.

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