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Thread: Working mom BF success stories needed

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    I hear that LLL has a new book out that presents real-life stories of women who have overcome difficulties to combine working and breastfeeding. It's called _Hirkani's Daughters_. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds interesting and might be a great read as you transition back to work.



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    When my first son was 7 months old, I had to return to work full-time. I had a bunch of positives working for me.

    One, my mom was taking cae of him and drove him to my place of work 3 days per week so I could nurse him on my lunch break.

    Two, I had extremely good luck with pumping, and had stored up enough EBM in the freezer to last him until he turned one and could start on cow's milk.

    Three, he was a very easy, flexible baby who didn't mind taking EBM from a bottle.

    And I successfully nursed my son until I weaned him (sadly) at 16 months, but that's another story.

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