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Thread: Adjusting feeding sch. when going out?

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    Default Adjusting feeding sch. when going out?

    If you need to to be somewhere with your LO and that time coincides with a feeding (while you're traveling) how do you do it? Do you feed before leaving your house, even if the last feeding was 2 hours ago or do you just wait until you arrive to your destination?

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    I just pay attention to my baby. If he starts crying, I would stop and offer to nurse him. If he was happy, then I wouldn't worry about it. We have never been on any kind of a schedule other than the one my lo chose for the day.

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    Default Re: Adjusting feeding sch. when going out?

    I agree. I would watch my baby, not the clock. If he seems hungry, feed him. If not, keep going. I've nursed my baby before leaving to go out somewhere even when he wasn't showing signs of being hungry, just because I wasn't sure if I could find a good place to nurse him...no harm there.
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