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Thread: Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

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    Question Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

    My son is 11 months old and is breast fed (no juice, no water,etc.). We didn't start solids till he was 6 months old and really likes them but still loves nursing. He's very healthy and average sized and has been walking since 10 months, so he's burning lots of calories

    I'm wondering how much he should be intaking as he approaches 1 year? I can't seem to find anything definitive.

    1. How much breast milk per day/at a feeding?
    2. Does he need water at all?
    3. How many ounces of solids?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

    dr sears has some good info on feeding babies....


    and here is a good link from kelly moms :

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    Default Re: Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

    As far as the water goes, I used DS's poop to gage that. Around a year I decided he needed more liquid in his diet, so I started giving water in addition to nursing. That took care of the problem. (He doesn't drink a lot of water. At the start, it was probably 2-4 ounces a day.)

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    Talking Re: Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

    I did check out the kelly mom site...so good info there.
    I went to a local mother/baby center and weighed my son and he's dropped a bit on the growth chart for weight, so we will attempt to bulk up a bit.
    The nurse suggested higher fat foods, breast milk of course, and avacado. He refuses to eat the avacado, so I guess we'll be having lots of guacamole cuz I bought 3!

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    Default Re: Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

    Hmmm...I'm kinda confused because the Sears site says baby should be receiving about 50% solids at 1 year, but kellymom (here, in the chart: http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/so...olids-how.html ) says baby should be receiving no more than 25% at that age.
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    Default Re: Nutrional Needs of a 1 year old:breastmilk & solids

    I don't think there are any hard and fast rules about how much they should be eating at one year -- it varies widely by baby/toddler. Some are enthusiastic solid eaters early on, and others build up more gradually -- and that's okay. My DS wasn't eating much solids at 12mos, but now he has a good appetite and range of foods (well, most of the time). It is important to make sure they are getting iron-rich foods, especially if solid-eating is on the low end -- we had a problem with anemia at 13 months, which we remedied by trying to increase the iron-content of foods and giving him a natural iron tonic. We also try to focus on protein sources -- beans, cheese, eggs, chicken, fish.

    On water -- no iron rule here either, but I'm always offering water, especially in the summertime, and he pretty much lets me know what he needs. I always offer water during/after a meal and take some along on outings.
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