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Thread: Do I Have a Clogged Duct?

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    Default Do I Have a Clogged Duct?

    Starting last Thursday a portion of one of my breasts was tender and hard (it was a large section near my armpit and tapered down as it neared my nipple). It was more painful during nursing. I was unable to drain the area during feedings or pumping afterward. I assumed it was a clogged duct so I nursed more often, used hot compresses before nursing, massaged the area, and offered this breast first. Well now it is Sunday with no change except it no longer hurts. I have compared the feel of it to my other breast and my other breast is more soft though it also has a small section that is hard. Any thoughts?!!? FYI my lo is 8weeks and weighs about 13lbs (weighed 7lb7oz at birth).

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    here is a link from kellymom.com about plugged ducts. Im not really sure if thats what you have or not, but i've never had one that I know of so maybe this site will help you out a little bit better!!

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    I get a plugged duct in my right breast sometimes. Especially if DS doesn't nurse as much on that side for one reason or another. It hurts like the dickens. Usually I get him to nurse more on that side to "unplug it" if you will, and it takes a few good nursings, throught the night and next day to get it feeling right. I take a warm shower and nurse right after too. That helps. I can almost feel the pain get better the more he nurses. It does hurt while he nurses on that one, but it does get better. HTH. to you though, I know it hurts.

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