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Thread: formula and breast milk

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    Unhappy formula and breast milk

    My son is on forumula and BF he gets about 7 4ounce bottles of formula but BF before. He is now getting fussy when he BF. I want to get him off the formula but cant seem to produce enough milk to keep him happy. Any suggestions would be helpfull.

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    Smile Re: formula and breast milk

    The more you BF, the more you'll produce. Try and offer him the breast more often, and up your water intake!!! Hope That Helps!!

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    Default Re: formula and breast milk

    You should talk to your OB or lactation consultant and they can prescribe Reglan I believe is teh name. It is a med to increase your milk supply. I drink the mother's milk tea to increase my supply and it works good. Talk toyour doc about the medication though.

    Good luck! Way to stick with it!
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    Default Re: formula and breast milk

    You should check out the increasing your milk forum. You'll get a lot of help there. When you post you might get better advice if you include a bit more info.

    age of baby?
    possible reasons for milk supply issues?
    what you have tried to increase your supply?
    do you pump at all?

    I'm sure there are other questions, but my brain is fried!
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    Default Re: formula and breast milk

    Breastmilk production is based on supply and demand. The more your baby breastfeeds the more milk your body is signaled to make. And the opposite is true: the more you supplement the less your body will make. And may I also ask what way you are feeding the formula? Do you give it in a bottle? Milk from bottles comes out fast and baby can get used to the faster flow. That`s why your little son might be fussy at the breast.
    But it`s definitely possible to increase your supply. You can gradually reduce the supplements and bf more. Hopefully, someone with a good web link will come along (I do not know how to add links ) and others will chime in with good advice.
    When my son was just a few weeks old he preferred the bottle. Lots of skin to skin contact (like a nice bath together or letting baby rest on your bear chest) can help with that.
    Hang in there You are doing wonderful and you`ve come to the right place for help.

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    Default Re: formula and breast milk

    Several weeks ago my supply dropped drastically (turns out I was about to have my first post-Thomas period, so my hormones were to blame ). I went to a doctor who specializes in breastfeeding, and they made several suggestions:

    -Make sure you're drinking plenty of fluids
    -Increase your intake of oatmeal; it's been shown to increase supply
    -Empty your breasts every three hours, whether it's with the pump or nursing
    -If pumping, considering power pumping.

    We also discussed the options in terms of supplements and medications. I opted not to use Reglan or Metformin, prescription medications which are used to increase production, and have been taking fenugreek. I just figured I'd rather try the non-prescription options first, and I could see an increase within about 36 hours. I know a lot of people use Mother's Milk tea and blessed thistle too, and I've heard they work pretty well too.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: formula and breast milk

    Most of this is copied word for word from another thread I just responded to, but hopefully some helpful info. for you as well:

    I would recommend offering the breast at least every two to three hours and only supplementing with formula AFTER your child has spent at least 20 to 30 minutes at the breast. This is the only way to get the message to your body that milk needs to be made.

    Eat lots of oatmeal and maybe try some fenugreek to boost your supply, drink lots and lots of water, even while nursing.

    If you find that you cannot establish your breastfeeding relationship with your child, maybe you could look into a milk bank so your baby can get all the nutrients that cannot be found anywhere else but human milk.

    Remember, before there was formula, women had no options other than maybe a wet nurse or a family member to nurse their child.
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    Default Re: formula and breast milk

    Oh I forgot--the clinic also told me to google "lactation cookies" and to eat those. They also help. And they taste good. They're just oatmeal cookies with a few extra ingredients. Hope this helps

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