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    My daughter is 16 days old and in the hospital and the first few days, she would eat for 20-25 minutes at a time. From then on, she will only eat for about 5-7 minutes at a time, and in the evenings it's been about every hour. She gained 12 oz. from her birth weight at her two week check up, so I'm assuming that she is getting enought to eat. Is there anything I can do to get her on a schedule?

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    Newborns kind of make their own schedules! I know it is hard and you are exhausted but you are doing great! The best thing for your baby and your milk supply is to keep feeding LO whenever she needs to eat.

    You could try to make the feedings longer by feeding, burping, change a diaper, then try feeding again. Sometimes after a good burp and a little break LO will be ready to nurse a little longer. If she falls asleep after only 5 min you could try to rouse her with a wet cloth on the forehead or tickling her feet. Some babies will nurse longer if they have skin to skin contact.

    Also know that as she gets older she will become a smarter nurser - so many babies will only nurse for 5 min and will get a full stomach from that.


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    Haley started shortening her feeding times pretty early on. She can be as quick as 5 minutes and still manages to totally drain a full breast. So, like Rachel said, this could just be a normal part of your LO getting more efficient at nursing. As long as she's gaining well, has a good diaper output, and seems content, I wouldn't worry about it!
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