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Thread: Getting babies to nurse again

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    Question Getting babies to nurse again

    A lot of questions......

    Okay, with a some encouragement from my Mom and the bit of success w/ my son, I think I will keep trying to get my twins to nurse again.
    My son WAS a nurser in the beginning (it was so wonderful, I am just craving that closeness) but we fell out of it and I have been pumping (NO FORMULA - horray!!! ) since then (6 mos old on Monday).

    What can I do to possibly encourage them to go back to the breast?
    Some ideas have been bathing, skin to skin, etc. But, at 6 mos on monday, they seem like they are getting too smart to be persuaded to change from a bottle.

    Would it be awful to just stop bottles cold-turkey and offer breast only?
    Or should I just gracefully (and probably much less stress for us all) offer it 3x a day? Like at night when sleepy, etc?

    Also, my son is a choker when he nurses. Does this mean he isn't latching right? I really don't think it is due to an over-active let down as he SOMETIMES does this w/ his bottle too.
    Also, if I tried the sleeping w/out a shirt and baby w/ just a diaper on for a while to get them going, will I ruin the crib-sleeping that they are doing? (we co-slept until 4 mos and they sleep well in their cribs now - but come to our bed some mornings). I just don't want to get into forever co-sleeping w/ twins (I believe it was most vital as a newborn).

    I know this may not work at all, but I think I wil regret if I don't try.
    Thanks, Jill

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    Default Re: Getting babies to nurse again

    i would worry about weight gain from stopping the bottle totally (what if they won't eat)... BUT there are other ways to feed babies besides a bottle and that might be just what they need! also, a starving baby is going to most likely be so mad they will not be willing to nurse (just from my experience). i would look into feeding another way beside the bottle- or go to a slow flow nipple so they really have to work for it. i did that with my son- i don't know if it helped or not. good luck. i know this is hard. all i could think about was getting my baby to breastfeed again. i started to hate pumping but would do it because i knew it was best for my baby. it really is exhausting. i hope your babies will breastfeed again, and soon!

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