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Thread: Need help told to stop breastfeeding

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    I totally agree with previous post, you don't have to stop bfing just because your lo isnt' gaining weight. I had to supplement with formula for the first 8 weeks due to slow weight gain. I would also seek out a new ped that is more pro bfing. If you have to supplement, do so after you nurse and work on getting your supply up. It can be done. I got my lo off formula supplement at 8 weeks old. Please don't stop, you can do both if you have to.

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    I agree with everyone else. Find a more breastfeeding friendly pediatrician. My daughters ped. told me to stop bf cause my daughter would gain weight, lose a bunch, gain and lose constantly. We hung in there and when she was 3 months old she started gaining and not losing. She's finally up to 11lbs. Hang in there. My daughters ped. asks me at every visit if I am still bf and I tell her yes and she acts excited over it. Kayleigh is gaining rather than losing so she's happy about it. I am glad I didn't stop bf.

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    First off thank you for all the support, it means alot, things can be really frustrating sometimes and it feels great to know their is others out there!

    To answer some Q's. :
    Aubrey was born weighin 8pds 10 oz. She had a case of thrush which i took her into the docs and she weighed 9 pds 9 oz. $ days later we had a weight check appt, which she had lost bringin her down to 9 pds 6 oz. She puts out alot of wet diapers a day, but dirty diapers arent as many. Some days she'll skip a day w/ no dirty diapers just wet ones. Other than that she has 1 a day. Her nursing sessions vary day by day. During the day she treats me like a snack bar, eating sometimes with spans of 20 mins. I let her be the judge on when to eat. Other times she'll empty out 1 side, then sleep for about 45 mins, then want to eat again. With her eating this much I can't understand why she wouldn't gain any weight. It confuses me.

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    so she went from 8.10 to 9.6?
    I dont have experience with thrush so hopefully some one else can verify, but I assume that thrush affects her eating. The dr didnt blame that for her weight loss??
    From the sounds of it, you are doing everything right. You are nursing on demand. And it sounds like she is eating often!
    check out this link from the kellymom website. that talks about what a baby 2-6 weeks should be eating like and their diaper output. it says from 4-6 weeks the dirty diapers will decrease.
    that site is very helpful with any questions you might have.
    Of course this forum is great too, so please stick around and we will help as much as we can. I know other moms will chime in with better advice!! hang in there!!!

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    Don't give up just yet!!!!!!!!

    When my LO was a month old he only just about was back to his birthweight!!!! I was told to stop BF. It broke my heart. He was even admitted to hospital due to his slow gain.

    But now, at 8 months old he is still EBF. No solids still (like stinker!!!) just Mummy all the way!!!

    The ladies here gave me the strength to carry on ~ I am sure they will you too!

    Good Luck!

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    My little girl is 1 month old today and we have been supplementing from week 2. She has about six ounces of formula a day and then BF the rest of the time. Please listen to all the pp when they say to pump also when giving a bottle. I didn't and now I'm having supply issues. Formula is a slippery slope. Do it if you think it is right for your lo but be careful and always remember that YOU know what is best. Good luck!
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