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Thread: spitting up

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    Question spitting up

    LO will be 6months old in a week. for the past few days, he has had a lot more spit up than ever before. its not like regular spit-up....more 'musousy', but he is not congested at all. he does seem to be spending alot more time on his tummy....but regardless of that, it is a lot more frequent spit up than ever before. any like-experiences? does teething have anything to do with it? his hands are forever in his mouth. he does not seem bothered bu the spit up...i am just concerned. when would i bring it to the ped.'s attention?

    thanks for any and all help

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    I guess the first ? would be have you started him or yourself on any new foods? It might be an allergy or intolerence. I would say any time you feel uncomfortable you can give your pedi or nurse a quick call. It will help you make a better decision and/or relieve any worries you have.


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    if it really isn't bothering baby, i wouldn't worry too much. but if you are concerned it never hurts to talk to lo's ped.

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