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Thread: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

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    Default colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    My five week old is "colicky" which I personally dont care for the term but yeah.
    Its basically a catch all for he cries ALL THE TIME! Yesterday, after three straight days of screaming I finally took him in and just said okay cant we do ANYTHING? and basically the nurse said nope he really isnt that bad...this while he is clawing me and screaming his head off and after about 5-10 minutes of this he will hold his breathe so i normally blow in his face a bit to get him to breathe again. Then the nurse said well have we tried a different formula? I said no we havent hes bfed and she said oh well have you tried formula? maybe he just needs more than he is getting. I told her he had gained well and I had pumped in an attempt to find out how much he was getting at each feed and when I pumped I got 3 1/2 ounces about 2 hours after the last feed on that side (we single side feed) and she said that some pumps empty the breast better than a baby (not!) so he may not actually be eating that much and maybe try giving him a bottle of formula. I told her I had given him 6 ounces of ebm before and he would eat 6 ounces and then SCREAM some more and generally spit up pretty bad. She said the only thing to do is to try formula...by this point I was more than a bit put off by her...i really dont know what her deal was but its bothering me! Ds was only 5 10 at birth....at one month he was 8 4 and yesterday he was 8 14. I feel like he is getting enough but still i dont know and i feel so horrible when he screams like that....he seems so miserable! And then when he isnt in pain he is such a sweet little thing! I just dont know what to do...I know I want to keep bfing but these stupid people have been so um un helpfull!!

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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    have you read any of the info that dr sears has on his web site about colic?
    and high needs babies..

    it sounds like this nurse doesn't know anything about breastfeeding.
    I would find somebody else to take my baby to that was more supportive of breastfeeding. There are all kinds of things that you can do to help a colicy baby.
    Do you know your Local LLL leader? Give her a call she can get you some more info.
    And help you sort out some things that might help your little guy out besides a bottle of formula.

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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    It sounds like she is giving you some inaccurate information! Have you considered that your baby may not be colicky but instead may be a cluster feeder. My baby would scream and cry for what seemed like ever in the evenings. The ONLY thing that would get her to stop was breastfeeding! Occassionally, if I was not home, my husband would walk around the house with her and could get her to calm down. Our ped said that sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between cluster feeding (which is common in bf babies) and colic. If it is colic, I do not think there is much you can do except try some of the techniques which I am sure are on Dr. Sears site mentioned in pp. I do not think formula has anything to do with it though. That seems really weird that she would say that. Did you tell your ped what she said and discuss it with her/him?

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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    The link from PPer is a good one. I also HATE the term colic. My mom would say "I think she is going to be colicky like you." Grrrr... Turns out my DD was "colicky" but after reading Dr.Sears and thinking that something might be hurting her as he suggested I did some investigating. In our case, whenever I ate anything with the smallest bit of dairy in it - it kills her. She screams and spits up for about 4-5 days. (She is now 4 mos. This started when she was 1 mo.) I also had over supply so she wasn't getting enough hind milk to settle her tummy. Dr Sears doesn't talk much about that but there are some great stickies in the too much milk forum.

    A lot of moms around here use gas drops - mycolin or something like that - someone correct me--- I give DD gripe water every once in a while. It is basically fennel and chammomile tea that helps settle the stomach.

    I would try to find a place to take the baby that is more supportive of BFing. The answer should never be 'try formula'. Although if you are in the middle of nowhere you may not have many choices of doctors. Calling a LLL Leader can really help too - they can do a lot over the phone.

    (P.S. I had a friend named Abigail Rose and my DD is Abigail too - lovee the name! And I am the oldest of four kids people used to ask my parents, "Are they all yours?" Like your signature!)

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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    Wow- sounds like that nurse was getting kickbacks from the formula companies! Though sometimes I am convinced that people recommend formula because they feel it worked for them, and so they're sure it's going to work for you, too. And if it works for you, then it must be for the best and they don't have to feel guilty about not breastfeeding their own children. (Rant, rant, rant, right?)

    Anyway, the PP's have given some great advice. Here are a couple more things you might try if you haven't already:

    1. Wear your baby. Sometimes the movement of the momma's body is enough to comfort the baby, or burp him if gas is the problem. You might try out a few different types of slings. Some babies like facing in, some out, some like to ride cuddled up in a pouch, others prefer to be more upright.

    2. Stroll your baby. Sometimes just being outside is enough to quiet an unhappy baby, and at the very least by going outside you get a little break from direct, in-your-face crying.

    3. Drive your baby/ put him on the washing machine or dryer while it's running. Sometimes the vibration will soothe.

    4. Try a bottle. My daughter had "evenings-only colic," which was awful enough. I thank my lucky stars that I wasn't dealing with that level of unhappiness 24-7. Anyway, in the evenings, when she would start to get very unhappy, we would have a bottle of ebm ready to go for her. My take on the situation was that she was too tired to eat and too hungry to sleep. Just one bottle a day probably will not lead to nipple confusion, and it might be enough to get you through the worst patch of the day.

    5. Ask your doctor about reflux. Some babies are just miserable because they are in pain- and there are medications that can help if that is the case.

    6. Hang in there. If you can make it to 3 months, it is likely that things will markedly improve.

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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    Just experienced the same thing w/ my ebf lo. Dr. said formula was an option but he didn't reccommend it at all b/c of benefits of bf. He told me to try an elimination diet meaning I had to take anything that can cause an allergy out of my diet all together. These foods include Dairy, Peanuts. Shellfish and wheat! I tried this diet and within days she was like a new baby! All smiles and no crying. After a week or so, I decided to start eliminating and I ate an ice cream cone...sure enough, she was all cries and her diaper was filled with mucous. Some babies are sensitive to dairy and mine is no exception! Talk to your Dr about trying this! It has helped my lo soooo much!

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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    have you tried swaddling really tightly? some babies like this...ours did and it calmed him instantly!
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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    You may want to check out the book "the Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey something (Karp?). Can't remember the last name. Anyways he talks about the S's (swinging, swaddleing, etc.) (can't remember them all!) for dealing with a colicky baby.

    With that said, I know more than a few parents who dealt with this and it ended right at 3 months- so I hope that happens for you! Definitely investigate the food sensitivities and talk to a bf friendly nurse!!

    Harvey something and other experts also suggest that babies are born 3 months early (due to evolution and our larger brains but not larger pelvises) so some babies just really have a tough time those first months. You will get through it and things will get better!!

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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    I agree with the PP, the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" saved my life. Here's a link for it:


    It's quite a popular book, your local library will surely have it and the bookstores usually have several copies. Our son is a high needs guy, we like to say he's on the "spirited" side. LOL It gets easier, especially around 6 months our son finally calmed down a little. It can be very hard and stressful to go through all that crying.

    Hang in there!

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    Default Re: colic/nurse vent...someone tell me i'm ok please! :)

    I'M A SURVIVOR OF THE COLIC BUG... It's so hard momma.... to you....

    Only those mothers who had colic children really know what you are going through... it is a nightmare.... but there is light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel. My son's colic ended around 3 1/2 months.. some babies last longer. he would cry 5-6 hours straight per day... it was a nightmare. I held him all the time, wore him, rocked him, nursed him, shhhushed him, sang to him, took him for rides, and except for the nursing part.. HE CRIED THE WHOLE TIME! It made me a nervous wreck.. actually made me think of only having one child.

    It does and will get better. I tried changing my diet, gripe water, mylicon drops.. nothing seemed to work.. just slowly started to stop and now he is an ANGEL!
    Good Luck, you are in my prayers.. it is very difficult!
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