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    Question Hot flash

    I have to ask this stupid question because it is driving me NUTS! I am "hot natured" anyway, but since I delivered (6 weeks ago) I thought my hot flashes would get better. But I am wondering since I am breastfeeding if the flashes will continue due to hormones. I am freezing everyone else in the house and in the car. My skin will be cool to the touch but I am burning up and even sweating. Of course having a warm body next to me when I am nursing makes it even worse. So just curious if anyone else had this problem and did it eventually "cool off" for you????

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    it just takes a while for your body to get rid of all thoose extra fluids from the pg and birth.
    It does get beter over time.
    It's hard to have a summer baby!
    winter time is beter they are like a build in heating pad.

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    that's me! i gave birth6 wks ago and i still feel hot! i havehot flashes when i'm breastfeeding and before i breastfeed. i hate wearing shirts with sleeves and prefers a camisole because i really feel hot. i just hope i end up losing body fat because of perspiring a lot!

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    My lo is 4 months and I still get hot flashes. Not as bad as I used to but there are definately still times when I am about to take my clothes off and my bf is looking at me like I am nuts.

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