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Thread: Thanks for all the help

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    Default Thanks for all the help

    I want to thank everyone for the help and advice. My LO is nursing like a champ. The bummer is I have to wean him because Monday I had a TIA (mini stroke) and the medications I will be taking for the next 6 months to a year after my surgery are toxic for him. Fortunately they have given me about 8 more days to wean him slowly and get used to the change in our life. Better to be alive and enjoy him than risk a massive stroke. Words I never thought would be in my vocab at age 35. But just wanted to say thanks and good luck to you all.

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    sorry to hear that!
    If you ever want to talk about it we will be here.

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    we'll be thinking of you. Please take care of yourself!

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    That's hard but the best and you are doing the best for your family. I hope eveything is well.!!


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