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Thread: Problems with breastfeeding 4 week old

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    Default Problems with breastfeeding 4 week old

    My 4-week old son was given the bottle at the hospital while I was recovering from a c-section...as a result, he's been used to feeding from the bottle. The LC at the hospital taught me to use the Supplemental nursing system along with a nipple shield to help him get adequate amounts of milk and formula (he is a 9-pounder and my milk took a while to come in).
    When my baby was 3 weeks old, my period started and suddenly, the amount of milk I produced at each feeding went down - i was up to about 4 oz by week 3, then went down to less than 1 oz! My baby refused to feed at the breast since there wasn't much coming out (and the pedi said that the hormonal change may have changed the taste of the milk just a little).
    Now I am producing about 2 oz of milk again and I pump after each feeding (he feeds from the bottle now). How can I get the amount of milk to go up?? pl help!!

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    Default Re: Problems with breastfeeding 4 week old

    first and congrats on your new baby!

    There are forums here about increasing your milk supply, so I would check that out if you are interested.
    For the period question, are you sure it wasnt postpartum bleeding? that can take up to 8 weeks to finally go away-mine stopped at 4 weeks and reappeared for a few days at 6 weeks.
    How often do you pump? are you strictly pumping now?
    I think your baby probably had some issues with nipple confusion, not the taste of your milk. that seems odd to me that the Dr would say that as the first reason why yoru baby wasnt breastfeeding. but I am not a dr...
    I think its great you want to give your baby breastmilk. I am in awe of the moms who are exclusively pumping-i know its a lot of work but its so worth it I am sure!
    Sorry for such a sporatic answer. Definately check out the 'increasing your milk' forums for more help on increasing your supply.
    Good luck and take care!

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    Default Re: Problems with breastfeeding 4 week old

    Thanks for your encouragement - i shall check out the milk supply forum as you suggested.
    i too was surprised by the pedi's advice. But yes, my OB said what i had seems like a period rather than PP bleeding (it was red, not brown) and OB agreed with Pedi that it could change the taste of the breastmilk for a while.

    yes, I'm exclusively pumping and its a lot of work, to pump for 15 mins after each feeding (which is every 3 hours!!). I give him the bottle at nights.

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