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Thread: My baby's frustrated

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    Default My baby's frustrated

    I have a 5 1/2 week old and over the past few days, I've started to worry that he's not getting enough milk from me.

    He sucks vigorously for about 5 minutes, with frequent swallowing about every other suck. At that point he starts to get agitated- his arms and legs flailing around, groaning and grunting and whining, and pulling at my nipple.

    When he comes off the breast after those 5 minutes, I'm often unable to manually express any significant milk, so I've been trying to switch sides at that point. But the same thing happens on the other side, too.

    After both side, he ends up still obviously hungry, but I don't seem to have any more milk to give. I feel horrible that I'm not giving him what he needs.

    I've tried feeding him more often but then I seem to have even less milk for him, and he gets even more frustrated. I've also tried pumping after feeding in order to increase my supply, and end up with about 1/2 oz per session.

    Any similar experiences, thoughts, advice out there for me would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    sounds like the problem I had be VERY careful that you check for that after he stops eating and getting adjitated squeeze the nipple and see if milk comes out if not he's not getting enough and you may have to suppliment with formula I didnt figure that out that my baby wasn't eating enough until he got johndas (or however you spell that) and His Jondas was so high that we were in the hospital for 5 weeks getting his blood cells to normal again and its so sad because he got so many shots of blood taking out every 4 hours and then he had to get spinal fluid taken out to make sure he wasn't really really sick I have never been so depressed in my entire life and so sad and tired and the same time it was the most horrifying thing I went through all I could do was cry. PLEASE PLEASE be careful I dont want the same thing happening to you.

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    Default Re: My baby's frustrated

    Hi there! Welcome to the forum!

    It can be scary when you think your baby isn't getting enough milk! Too bad that breasts aren't see through so a new mom could tell right away. Just off the bat, if you are hearing swallowing, your baby is drinking while you have a let down reflex. Thats a really good sign! I would suggest counting diapers instead of trying to ascertain if you are producing milk by pumping and squeezing. At 6 weeks of full time breastfeeding, getting 1/2 oz after breastfeeding or anytime is good. Super good.
    As far as the at the table freak out, hate to say it but its pretty common at that age. If your baby is draining the breast in 5 minutes you may have an Over Active Letdown; join the club. Basically it means some serious spraying is going on, and baby might be swallowing air along with all that great milk your making! Ever hear any choking, gasping, snorting on the breast?
    You could try an in between burp session and see if that helps. Also if they have gas they do this thing where they squirm and then pull the nipple as they turn away. Then its like, omg where's the boobie I have gas, ok time for more squirming ect repeat.

    So after all that headache he still seems hungry? He's growing and he might be going through a growth spurt. A growth spurt means constant nursing around the clock, like as in you have time to pee and thats it. Put the baby down and he's up for some more right away. Its how they build up your milk supply and its called cluster feeding. I remember having to go back and forth between breast like around 6-8 times. i was sure they were empty; I was wrong. According to the expert LLLModerators we have here, the breast never fully empties, its continuously manufacturing milk. At any given time there is approx 25% left in there for baby. When it feels all loose and floppy switch to the other one. Milk is made by a supply and demand rule. The more you empty the breast the faster it fills back up with more milk. Crazy sounding but true. So don't think that you need to supplement quite yet. Just stick it out, you want to up your supply.
    Your doing great!
    Remember to count those diapies to reassure yourself. Your goal is 5-6 wet disposable diapers and 6-8 wet cloth.

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