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Thread: Low Milk Supply

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    Default Low Milk Supply

    I am new here and have some questions.
    This is my 3rd child. 1st time that breastfeeding actually started out good, and I hope I can continue to breastfeed.
    My DS was born June 26th.
    He latched right on with no problems. At his first Doc's appt he was still his birth weight. At his second appt. (this past Tuesday) he had lost 7 oz.

    The Doctor recommened that I only limit him to 5 minutes per breast then offer him about 3 oz. of formula to get him full because my milk supply is low.
    Now, from everything I have read what I should be doing is nursing him more, not less. Am i right?

    So, I went against the Doctors orders and have been feeding him constantly. I mean he is attached to me all day long. And when I don't feel that he has emptied the breast as well as I think he should I pump for about 5 minutes on each side to empty it out. If he empties me out and is still hungry then I offer him a bottle of formula. I just don't want him getting hooked on the bottle/formula. I don't plan to stay on the formula.

    Is the doctor right/wrong? I have read and read and read some more and I still keep coming up with the same information...nurse,nurse,nurse. That's what I am doing.

    So, am I doing right?
    I don't want him to go hungry but I want him to BF.
    How long will it take for my milk supply to come up so that he is getting full?
    I have been doing this sence Tuesday and the Doctor wants to see him back in the office tomorrow to see if he is gaining weight.

    My breast just don't feel full like they did in the begining. They feel deflated all the time, but I know he is getting something, he has BM all all his face when he is done. And when I do pump I get about 1oz from both breast. Before when I was EBF, no pumpimg, I was pumping out about 3oz. So, I am guessing that he is getting about 2 oz, right?

    Thanks for the information. I just want this to work and I am at a loss as to what to do. Are there foods or something that I can take that will help to up my supply? I bbought something called Stinging Nettle that is suppose to help with your milk supply while BFing. Has anyone here tried that? If so, how did it work for you?

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    Default Re: Low Milk Supply

    You're right. Your doctor is wrong.

    Breastfeeding is a supply/demand situation. The more your child is at your breast eating, the more milk your body will make. Offering formula, even after a nursing session, will negatively affect your supply because it means your baby is not at your breast "demanding" milk.

    Unless you have an unusual medical situation, you WILL make enough milk for your baby. Is his diaper output ok? Is he alert and responsive? Is he otherwise developing normally? If so, your supply is fine.

    As far as how much he's eating... there's no way to know except to have a very sensitive scale that measures in small increments and weigh before and after a feeding(many lactation consultants have these). Otherwise, gauging by what you pump, your son is most probably getting MORE than whatever you can pump because babies are better at extracting milk than pumps are.

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    Default Re: Low Milk Supply

    I think you did the right thing. Let the baby nurse, nurse, nurse - that's the best way to boost your supply. You can even pump in between feedings to get a little extra boost.

    I dont' know why people still say things like "low supply" and then tell mom's to "supplement" - it's so a**-backwards!

    Near the end my nursing relationship with my son I was wasn't able to pump as often at work and that affected my supply. To help boost output in the meantime I used fenugreek supplements and they really worked. Fenugreek is an herb that is used as a natural maple flavor additive in a lot of foods (I walked around smelling like maple syrup for a few weeks). That's definitely a route you can take if you need to. But for now - nurse, nurse, nurse!


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    Default Re: Low Milk Supply

    don't be afraid to call your local LLL leaders she can help.
    the best thing for baby weight gain is gettting them to nurse more often.
    You try breastcompressions to keep them at the breast longer and so they get more hind milk.
    Have you talked to a Lc? Babies that are having problems with weight gain should get more help then the doctor can offer. Most don't know much about breastfeeding.
    what were his weights like?
    What was babies lowest weight?
    Some scales can be up to a lb off if they aren't used in the right way.
    And nurses can make mistakes.
    what are his wet diapars like and poops?
    heres some links that might help:


    heres a link about breast compression

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