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Thread: Pumping schedule at work

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    Default Pumping schedule at work

    Okay, so I am getting ready to head back to work and have a few questions. I know that you are supposed to leave about 1.5 oz for every hour you're gone. Right now, DS nurses at 4am and 6am. I'll be dropping him off at daycare at about 7:30. So do I start counting from 6, when he ate last? Or from 7:30?
    My plan is to pump 4 times at work - at 8:15 before I start work, at 10:30, at 12:30, and at 3. I'll be picking DS up at 6pm. Will that be enough times? I think I can pump one of the little Medela bottles (2.7oz) from each side at every pumping session. So that comes out to about 23oz I think (its late and I can't do math...) That should be more than enough, right?
    I'm a little extra nervous because I don't really have a freezer stash built up - partly b/c he doesn't seem to like the frozen milk and partly because I've been lazy and don't like pumping if I don't have to.

    On another note, does anyone have experience with pumping and OALD? I'm pretty sure that pumping regularly makes my let-down stronger - it definitely makes it more painful. Do you think this will become a problem for DS when we are nursing in the evenings?

    Thanks for any advice, experiences, suggestions, etc.!

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    Default Re: Pumping schedule at work

    I count the time we're apart - if DS gets dropped off at daycare at 8 am and then I pick him up at 4 pm that's 8 hours.

    When we first started day care, it took a couple of weeks for my DS to get used to the day care providers, so he was barely taking any milk and then would reverse cycle at night. After a couple weeks, DS settled in and has been very consistent to the 1 - 1.5 oz per hour "rule". He typically takes about 10 or 11 oz, and I always send extra in a milk storage bottle in case DS gets super hungry.

    The day care sends all the milk home at the end of the day. I label all bottles with "1", "2", "3" for the order that day care should use the milk. "1" and "2" are in baby bottles and "3" is a storage bottle. If there's anything left in "3" that becomes "1" for the next day.

    Here's some great info on bottle feeding breastfed babies and milk handling:

    As for pumping - you may need to experiment to see what works best for you. I typically pump both breasts at the same time every 3 to 4 hours. When my supply has been low, I've added in an extra pumping session. When I was dealing with OALD / oversupply, I only pumped one breast at each session. I'd be careful about pumping too much - it could possibly lead to problems with oversupply and much more here.

    I went back to work without any freezer stash. The first couple of days were the most stressful. Once I knew that I was able to pump enough for LO's needs the next day at day care it got easier and I got more confident that I'd be able to pump successfully. Now whatever I pump gets used the next day - so what I pump on Monday gets used on Tuesday, etc.
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