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Thread: pumping and freezing for later??

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    Question pumping and freezing for later??


    My DD is 4 wks old and I would love to pump and freeze so that if I ever need to be away from her, my DH can give her a bottle. I have rented a Medela Lactina and it's great! My question is:
    Do I pump after I feed her?? (I do the block-feeding method for now and she seems to be satisfied after just 10-15 minutes on one breast) So, after I feed her on one side, should I pump that breast dry? Will this cause a big increase in milk production - I hope to avoid engorgement. I have size D breasts, so I think they probably hold alot-- is this going to be a problem?
    Should I only pump myself dry once or twice a day or after every feeding??
    AND, what are the "rules" on storing the milk- can it sit in the fridge for a couple days while I'm adding to it??

    Thanks SO Much-- I have learned SO much from these forums- you ladies are just so knowledgable!!

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    Default Re: pumping and freezing for later??

    I doubt you'll have too much of an increase if you pump after a feed. I imagine you're pumping the breast that the baby didn't nurse from as well?

    I think the rule is 8 days in the fridge, so you could add some to the milk in the fridge while you're storing some up for freezing. Just make sure you add only cold milk to cold milk. In other words, if you have some in the fridge and have just pumped some fresh milk, make sure you put the new milk into the fridge to cool down before adding it to the already cold milk. I understand that's because it goes bad faster if it's been thawed or warmed up.

    Congratulations on the new baby! My DD is almost a year old and I already look back at her newborn pictures and miss those early days! Enjoy every sleep deprived minute!

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    Default Re: pumping and freezing for later??

    I just wanted to add that you need to count the 8 days from the milk you pumped first. I almost never add fresher milk to less fresh milk, just to avoid getting confused, but if you can keep it straight, that's great!

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    Default Re: pumping and freezing for later??

    Lindsay, I did the block feeding thing too. I too have size D breasts...actually double D, and I tried to pump the side that she didn't nurse on as often as I could. Are you going to be returning to work? IF you are, one day you will be so thankful for that supply in the freezer! I only get to pump twice during the day, so there are weeks, if my supply is low due to stress or my cycle, I pull a bag out of the freezer and send it to the sitter to make up for what I am short on that day! I have had very little trouble with engorgement...only during the first month or so and sometimes in the mornings I used to be, but not at all anymore. There are days I wish I could wake up and pump 6 ozs from one side, but it doesn't happen much anymore!

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