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Thread: One Side Feeding

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    I dont think its terrible at all to give your LO a bottle once in a while. My lactation consultant told me to wait and give my son a bottle until he was 3 weeks old to make sure that the breast feeding was well established, and to avoid nipple confusion. So it sounds like to me that breastfeeding is going well for you and your son, so I dont think it could hurt. Now if you plan on breastfeeding exclusively I wouldnt give him several bottles a day. But we would give my son a bottle a day to prepare him for when I went back to work, but then I ended up not going back, so I stopped giving him bottles (i got lazy )
    I dont think it is selfish to want more sleep. i think it is something we all dream of!!
    I will say that I am still not that comfortable nursing in front of people let alone family, and I've been at it for 6 months!! I still leave the room at my inlaws, mostly for the sake of my FIL! So dont feel bad about that!

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    You've been given such good advice. Aren't these ladies awesome?

    I wanted to add that the length of your LO's feedings will likely decrease as he gets a little older. Haley used to go for a good hour when she was younger, but at some point (I don't remember exactly when) I started producing lots of milk (too much, actually, for a while) and she got to be more efficient at getting the milk, and suddenly she was able to finish off a meal in anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on how hungry she was (and how distracted, how much in need of comfort sucking, etc.). (ETA: Oh, and on just one breast. She very rarely nurses on both breasts at a feeding.) So I'd say for the time being to get the TV remote, a good book, some snacks, a water bottle, whatever you need, and then put your feet up and enjoy some cuddle time with your LO. Soon enough those feeding sessions will get shorter. (And if you're getting tired, you can always nurse lying down so you can get some rest. And as pp said, you can always offer a pinkie finger for sucking if you're wearing out.)

    Good luck!

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    sorry for such a long response
    Oh, Heather! Your long response is my short response. I use way too many words. Way too many.
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