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Thread: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

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    Default OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    I just wrote a thread about how I think Haley seems to be eating less, especially today. But then let me tell you what's happened. She napped until 2:30, and when she woke up she was acting hungry. So I sat down to try to feed her, and she latched on, sucked a few times, and then started fussing. She got really, really upset, to the point where nothing I tried worked.

    She screamed for an hour. She screamed in my arms. She screamed in her bassinet. She screamed in her swing. She screamed while I bounced her. She screamed while I walked with her. She screamed at the park. She screamed in the dark. She screamed at the zoo. She screamed in the loo. (A little Dr. Seuss for ya.)

    I tried several times to nurse her, because she was still doing her usual hungry cues. I tried in different locations, even. But she continued to scream. Poor Lefty, on which I was trying to feed her, kept dripping from all the nursing attempts, and my shirt was soaked.

    Finally, an hour later, I offered her the right breast. She continued to fuss, so I started shushing, and minutes later she was nursing like she hadn't eaten in weeks. Now she's totally content, spit up a whole bunch, and just dirtied her diaper. And now my boobs are confused. Righty has had two feedings in a row and Lefty has missed one. She is feeling rejected and is getting full as punishment.

    Can someone please tell me what just happened? Could it be, given the dirty diaper and spitting up, that her belly was bothering her? Or that she was so hungry that she couldn't calm down enough to eat? Or just fussy or tired, since she hasn't napped real well lately (although today she's napped more than she has in over a week)? I do NOT want to repeat this episode if it's something I can help.
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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    If there is one thing Kate has taught me in the past year and a half it is this: I might never know! Seriously, she has these little mystery episodes, sometimes like the one you just described, usually something totally random, you just never know.

    I know you'd love to prevent it, but unless you see a pattern, don't stress too much. It could be something as simple as she woke up before she was ready and had to "get it out of her system"....or a multitude of other things.

    Love the Dr. Seuss, silly Mama.
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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    okay I dont have any advice really, but I went through something like this too. Cooper would not eat from my left breast! I dont know what happened, and he was fussy like Haley was, and when I offerent the right, he went to town! This went on for about 3 days for us. Its possible for them to go on a nursing strike with one breast. I dont know if thats the case with your LO, but I would just keep offering it to her, and eventually she will take it.
    oh and during the day when he would eat from the left side, he would nurse on the left at night time, so I at least got some relief there.
    Hopefully this was a one shot deal!
    So no more !!!! Relax and hopefully she will relax too.
    Its just another one of those things that babies do that we will never ever understand! Babies really should come with an instruction manual!

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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    is she teething? ds does that when he is teething.
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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    Like PP said, who knows! My DD does this occassionally. She will scream like she is hungry but won't nurse. It is usually on weekends when she does it. I have convinced myself that it is because she is used to getting a bottle at that time at daycare, so she does not want to nurse. On the rare times she does this, I have broken down and given her a bottle of EBM and she is happy as can be!

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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    Quote Originally Posted by hlstevesn View Post
    Babies really should come with an instruction manual!
    Or at least a little decoder ring!

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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    I think this would be what I call (in my case) one of the many mysteries of Little Man. Or what my husband calls "baby freak outs."
    We also have episodes of suddenly disliking eating, disliking sleeping, disliking being held, disliking not being held, etc. Luckily they go away eventually.
    Hope the rest of your day goes better!

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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    My right breast sprays more than my left, so ds tends to fuss more with that one. It could have something to do with that.

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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    I agree with the PPs. Sometimes they just get in a mood, and we don't know why. My dd has done this several times. I always make sure to wear her (if she's not already being worn) during times like that. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. But don't worry, unless it continues.


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    Default Re: OK, Someone Please Tell Me What Just Happened

    Henry did this every night for a week when he was 5 months old. Everyone was telling me it was colic. I was like, "Um isn't colic supposed to start at 3 weeks?" I don't know what it was, but he hasn't done it since. I agree, babies need instruction manuals, or maybe something like OnStar, where you have a baby expert on call.
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