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Thread: Monistat for thrush?

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    Default Monistat for thrush?

    I am fairly confident I have thrush . . . it's horrible!!! My midwife suggested athlete's foot creme (as long is it was washed thoroughly before nursing) and the pediatrician just recommended Monistat (as long is it too is washed off before nursing). Anyone tried either of those two treatments or have any better suggestions?! Please help . . . this is incredibly painful

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    Most doctors/pediatrician's recommend Lotrimin to start.


    I'm going on 4.5 months now of thrush so I understand your pain. Feel free to PM me if you need someone to vent... unless you've had thrush - nobody can even imagine the pain that we feel. I finally have it somewhat controllable - but when it comes back, it comes back with a vengeance and I just want to wean my LO...

    I'm a big fan of the Grapefruit Seed Extract... cleaner than Gentian Violet

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