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Thread: breastfeed and working nights

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    Default breastfeed and working nights

    I work weekend night shift, how am I going to sleep the next day with breastfeeding? My son in 12 weeks old and practically sleeps through the night . I feed him on demand, eating anywhere from every hour to every four hours. do I just let him nurse and sleep all day with me and let my husband stay up all night? please help, I go back to work this weekend!!!!

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    That's a unique situation. I hope others chime in here.

    Will anyone be home with you and baby during the day, to help out? I'm hoping that someone will be, so you can get some sleep, and they can bring baby to you when he's hungry.

    Maybe you can adjust baby's schedule so that he's up later in the evenings, right before you go to work, and early in the mornings, so he's up when you get home. Then, let baby go back to sleep when you go to sleep.
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    My hubby will be home with him and our 2 1/2 yr. old during the days. The baby goes to sleep around seven (I leave for work at six) and he sleeps to about 6:30 a.m. sometimes getting up once (I'll be home by 8:00 a.m.). I thought that maybe putting the baby monitor with me and the baby, therfore when he's awake and wants to play my hubby will hear and hopefully come and get him. I just worry how much uninterrupted sleep I'll get. We'll given it a try this Monday morning after working 12 hours the night before, and I"ll let you know!! Wish me luck, better yet, wish me sleep!!!!!!!
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    i did 12hour nights for alkmost 10 years, then i had baby #2. i keep baby in bed all day with me, which isn't at all uninterupted with a5 year old. i finally switched to daylight (which is hard...what are these patients doing up, and why do they have that damn call bell...lol)it is productive. one of the girls i work with goes on "vacation" when she does more than 1 in a row. myself, i couldn't not be there during the day to let someone else deal with babies. i am addament oin not giving kiddies formula, which my co-worker resorts to, she also has supply issues. i feel they are from no breast stimulation for 2 or 3 days while "on vacation", she pumps, but doesn't get up during the day and pump or nurse. you could try nurse when you get home (after you sterilize yourself in scalding shower, if you are like me lol), then pass baby off until nap time, have hubby bring baby to you, you nurse and both fall to sleep. i can sleep and ds stay latched on all night/day. i do remember posting aboout no sleep when i first went back to work, but don't recall many replies...good luck, and do the best you can.

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