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Thread: nursing at night but...

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    well i have my little one nursing at night now but he won't take it during the day how can i get my 4 month old to nurse during the day now. he is on sippy cup during the day so he doesn't get that much suckling during the day.

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    It's wonderful that your LO is nursing at night now! That's such good news!

    Have you tried trying to mimic night time nursing during the day? Try taking him to bed with the light off and curtains drawn and see if he won't nurse lying down. Giving lots of skin to skin contact can help, too. Do you have a sling? Carrying baby in a sling can really encourage a reluctant baby to nurse, especially when combined with skin to skin contact. Some mothers also find that taking a warm bath or shower with baby helps.

    Have you read this article?: http://www.llli.org/NB/NBJulAug01p136.html

    HTH. You're doing a great job, mama!


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