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Thread: bad diapers or what else????

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    Default bad diapers or what else????

    hello everybody
    my lo is 8 months old and richt now i am on vacation had to change diapers
    i do not know if it is a problem because i already tried 2 types of diapers and every night(!!!!!!) he is wet i have to change his clothes

    i am wondering if it is just diapers problem or is it something else ????
    it happened before but just occasionaly right now it is every single night

    thank you for advice

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    Default Re: bad diapers or what else????

    have you tried the next size up? i know when we were having issues w/ leaks we needed to go up a size, but this was before we switched to cloth. good luck!

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    Default Re: bad diapers or what else????

    I noticed as well, whenever my LO was wet a couple day in a row that we needed to go up to the next size. That's my bet.
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