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Thread: My 3 yo nursling is losing his 2 front teeth!

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    Exclamation My 3 yo nursling is losing his 2 front teeth!

    While we were on vacation, he fell and hit his mouth on the arm of the futon, knocking the two front upper teeth backwards a little, and severely bruising his upper lip/gums. The dentist took x-rays and said the root is damaged, so they need to pull them. The teeth are already turning gray, so I had expected they'd recommend pulling them, but not so soon - they want to do it Monday!

    I asked about his speech, and the dentist said that the studies are mixed as to whether or not missing front teeth really affects speech. They won't be able to put in spacers for about a year or so, until he becomes more cooperative with the dentist. How can I expect this to affect his nursing? Right now, he's down to 1-2 times a day, but I would hate for this to cause him to wean!

    Obviously babies nurse without teeth, but he hasn't for quite some time. He'll remember how, right? His latch has been rather painful for me this week, and we've just recently gotten it back to semi-normal. I guess I can be prepared for it to change again, eh?

    I guess I'm just venting and rambling a bit - has anyone BTDT, or do you have any advice for me? Any reason we shouldn't consent to having the teeth pulled for now? Thanks!

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    Default Re: My 3 yo nursling is losing his 2 front teeth!

    gosh sorry that happened...
    my sons cousin knocked her teeth out when she fell jumping on the bed at grandmas house.
    She didn't have any speech problems.

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