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Thread: We made it! It's official!!

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    Default We made it! It's official!!

    We made it to one year!! I cried this morning as Emily and I rocked and I saw her sweet face in my arms, nursing, and gong back to sleep. I kissed her forehead and told her happy birthday. I thanked her for the very best year of my life, made sweeter by the private relationship that we share. She will always, always be my little girl but this morning was bittersweet to me.

    1. What a big girl. I wasn't ready. All of those mamas that told me that the years go by so fast. I wished it woudln't really happen that way. That I could stop time and keep that baby smelling head snuggled up next to me forever. And then I see her fiercly independent little smile. She throws her head back and giggles, puts her arms around her dog. She's growing up. Up and in to a wonderful little person.

    Thank you. To each and everyone of you wonderful women that has helped and encourage myself and so many others on these boards. My breastfeeding relationship with Emily has made the last year that much more special to us both.

    Here's hoping we can keep on keeping on... we'll wean before she goes to college. Unless she stays in state... and really, North Carolina has a lot of great schools....

    Thanks, again. Happy Birthday, Baby.
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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Congratulations on Emily's first birthday and your nursing milestone! My lo is fast approaching two and I think it gets more fun by the day . . . but I definitely know what you mean by bittersweet--it's getting harder to trace what's left of the baby in the growing little girl.

    Here's to a great year two for the two of you!

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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Congratulations! Happy Birthday to both of you.


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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Congrats....way to go mama!......

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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Congratulations mama and Happy Birthday baby!!!!

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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Congratulations, I remember that same feeling, when my son was one year old. He is now 21 months and still I feel joy in the fact I can breastfeed him. It truly is a comforter, a nourisher and soother all in one act of love!

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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Oh...I want to cry with you! I feel that way every day, but I can't even yet imagine the first year's birthday! It is sooo happy and yet, like you said, bittersweet--have you heard the song "Bittersweet" by Big Head Todd and the Monsters? Its great--beautiful, really.

    Anyway...give her kisses from all of us! (And one from me in that little space between the shoulder and jaw bone--I love that spot!)

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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Happy Birthday, Emily!

    And congratulations Kelly!

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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    happy birthday, LO! congrats to mommy!

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    Default Re: We made it! It's official!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly Ann
    Here's hoping we can keep on keeping on... we'll wean before she goes to college.
    That's too cute! I'm hoping for the same!

    Happy Birthday Emily! And congrats to you both!

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