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    Red face is it ok

    My baby is one week old started to breast feed in the hospital then went to bottle is it ok to do both i want to feel that bond with him help

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    Absolutely okay to do both! When you say bottle - do you mean formula or expressed breastmilk?

    Skin on skin time is great bonding for the two of you. It took a week for me to get my milk in and my son was born early so could not latch on or nurse so in addition to bottles we used a SNS system (supplemental system)... but the best bonding time was the skin on skin time....

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    congrats on your new baby!!
    As far as what I was told, my Lactation Consultant said to wait to introduce the bottle until 3 weeks of age to make sure breastfeeding is established. That is if you are still wanting to breastfeed. I think that is so you can avoid nipple confusion. Of course it is up to you on what you do, but this was the advice given to me. Good luck and take care!

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    There are definitely mamas who do both, especially those who work outside of the home. It's generally recommended that you stick to breastfeeding exclusively until bf'ing is well-established (often 4-6 weeks, although every baby is different). Otherwise, you run the risk of nipple confusion, which makes bf'ing a real challenge. Do you have a situation in which you could try bf'ing exclusively for at least a while to be certain you've got it down before you introduce bottles? (And do you need to use bottles at all?)

    If you're having trouble getting bf'ing going again, you can try lots of skin-to-skin contact (strip baby down to the diaper, take off your top), nursing baby while you're cuddling in a warm bath, wearing your baby and nursing. It will also take lots of persistence and patience. And it may be a matter of slowly reintroducing the breast at times when baby is calm and well-rested, thus more likely to be willing to do something different, and eventually moving more to bf'ing and less bottles.

    I'm sure more experienced mamas will chime in, and you may want to check out kellymom.com or contact a LC or LLL leader for more help and support.

    It is NOT too late to have that bonding experience. Hang in there. You're doing a great job, mama!
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    Congratulations on your new baby.
    My baby had to do both (some formula and EBM) in the beginning bec. she was in the NICU and they wouldn't let her go home if she didn't have a bowel movement.

    Anyway...it's ok to do both but as previous post mentioned it is best to wait a few weeks. Because of nipple confusion but also your baby might get used to the ease of the nipple flow and for breastfeeding your LO needs to work a bit harder for the milk. I would make sure the latch is right on and your supply is set before introducing the bottle regularly. Hope this helps

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