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    ok, so i have exhausted myself reading everything about green stools on the internet and i still dont know what to do. i thought i had oversupply because my milk will spurt out and can shoot you in the face if i point it at you but i tried nursing from the same breast for up to 12 hours and still green. i havent yet eliminated dairy but i eat *maybe* 3 servings a week so i really doubt its that. he is fussy at the breast sometimes but then again im a new mommy and hes only 6 weeks old so i could be misunderstanding hunger cues and trying to feed him when hes not hungry. i really dont know if its "frothy" or "mucousy" i really cant decide....its runny, cottage cheesy, could be slimy? i need like pictures to compare! could the green just be normal and how do you tell?

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    Infant poop comes in a variety of color's and consistency's. If your baby has green poop but is otherwise happy, healthy, active and alert there's no reason to be concerned. If you haven't eliminated diary completely, including hidden sources of dairy, then even you eating it 3x/week can affect baby if he's got a dairy sensitivity. You have to completely eliminate it from your diet for at least 3 weeks before deciding if it's your culprit or not.

    LLL has a tear-off sheet that shows the different variations of infant poo -- you may want to call one of your local LLL Leaders and ask her to send it to you. It may help.

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