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Thread: won't take nap, any advice please?

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    Default Re: won't take nap, any advice please?

    have you tried a pacifier? It's normal for babies to want to suck, especially breast-fed ones. I know, I know, crutches are undesireable, but it's easier to take away a pacifier than a thumb!

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    Default Re: won't take nap, any advice please?

    I remember being in your shoes, just a few months ago. Things got easier after month 3 and I did and still apply the EASY routine to an extent. During the day I feed him then include an activity then put him down for naps. At almost 6 month he gets his last feeding around 7:30pm then I put him down to sleep.

    It helped me to use the pack and play for naps. Before 5 months babies generally can't stay awake for more than 2 hours. So after a feeding sit your LO up for a bit 40 minutes (could be less since he's young) then lay him down. He might just fall asleep in 20 minutes or so. Since he's still small it may take him some time. I would pat my little on his put when in the pack and play and eventually the jiggling would make him nod off. You can even pat him on the butt while holding him then put him down when he's almost asleep.

    Look out for when he yawns. Put him down when you see the first yawn, since that's a sign he's getting tired. Email me with any questions. It gets easier..don't get too bogged down on having a routine right now.
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